B-Loony's BalloonGrip™ wins Save the Planet Award 2019

B-Loony have been awarded the Save the Planet Award 2019 for the BalloonGrip™ eco-friendly balloon holder at the prestigious European Carton Excellence Awards ceremony, held at the ECMA Congress in Malta.

In different categories brands present their most innovative, 'best of' solutions to an expert jury every year. Clever design and execution should work on many levels: logistics and efficiency, shelf-life, brand impact, printing and folding techniques, usability, function and sustainability.

With environmental impact high on everyone's agenda, BalloonGrip™ is the perfect example of sustainability: it’s 100% renewable, recyclable and biodegradable. So winning an award is a clear sign of international recognition for innovation, creativity, expertise, performance, sustainability and craftsmanship.

Fun and user-friendliness meet sustainability in this 100% eco-friendly balloon holder, designed for use with B-Loony's plastic free balloons which are in fact made from natural rubber latex which will biodegrade.

BalloonGrip™ is an eco-friendly balloon holder made from engineered paper fibreboard, which is suitable for recycling (EN13430) and energy recovery (EN13431). BalloonGrip™ is both ingenious and effective.

The major benefit for the promotional industry is the ability to print on the BalloonGrip™ which creates an amazing branding opportunity, allowing companies to continue using eco-friendly balloons for promotional marketing without detriment to the environment. A true win-win for brands and nature.

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