Custom Printed Bunting

Create a brand event with a difference.

We print thousands of metres of bunting every year.

Our high quality bunting is digitally printed and manufactured in our UK factory, just outside the M25. We believe this is important for customers who need reassurance about the origin and safety of products, and want to buy from suppliers they trust.

Choose from our range of eco friendly bunting materials or our original bunting suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Eco Friendly Stitched Cotton & Paper Bunting

Stitched cotton and paper promotional bunting made from natural materials.

Printed with your brand logo or marketing message.

  • ✔ Eco Friendly
  • ✔ Sustainable
  • ✔ Recyclable

Eco Friendly Cotton & Paper Bunting
Eco Friendly Bunting - Paper & Wool Thread

Eco Friendly Threaded Wool & Paper Bunting

Sustainable bunting made from paper threaded to natural wool webbing.

Perfect for a more elegant and traditional look and feel.

  • ✔ Eco Friendly
  • ✔ Sustainable
  • ✔ Recyclable

Original Indoor Paper Bunting

Celebrate in style with our custom printed paper bunting.

Every event is a marketing opportunity, maximise your exposure with our promotional bunting, made to order here in the UK.

  • ✔ Low-Cost
  • ✔ Ideal for Indoor Events

Custom Printed Bunting
Team GB Custom Printed Bunting

Synthetic Bunting

Synthetic bunting is more durable than original indoor bunting, and may be suitable for short term, dry weather outdoor events. The synthetic pennant is more durable than standard paper.

Can be printed with alternating designs, on white or coloured webbing.

  • ✔ More durable than standard paper.

Waterproof Outdoor Bunting

Looking for an all weather solution? Our waterproof outdoor bunting will withstand wind and heavy rain, ideal for outdoor events and promotions.

  • ✔ Waterproof, ideal for outdoor use.
  • ✔ Tear resistant.

Virgin Atlantic Branded Bunting

"you never let me down when it comes
to getting an order out the door"

Emma Kemp | Creative Juice

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B-Loony Ltd has been in business for nearly 40 years, we know balloon printing like no other, giving you 100% peace of mind.

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We're committed to developing and delivering quality products and services that consistently meet our customer’s requirements.

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Our latex balloons are made from 100% biodegradable, natural rubber latex, ethically sourced from sustainable sources.

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