Printed Foil Balloons

Printed Foil Balloons

Printed foil balloons are highly attractive and engaging, perfect for use as low-cost branded giveaways, in store promotional displays, or for brand awareness at Point of Sale. They can be printed on either one or both sides with up to five colour designs, and using the Pantone® colour matching system we ensure that our client’s branding is accurately reproduced.

Foil balloons come in standard 18 inch round, heart, or star shapes, but many other shapes and indeed custom designs exist.

B-Loony can exclusively supply 15 inch round foil balloons as a cheaper alternative to the traditional 18" balloon. While 9 inch mini foils are also popular for air inflation and as give-aways on sticks. Foil balloons are supplied with a double-sided silver finish, double-sided colour finish or one side silver and one side coloured.

Usually, foil balloons are filled with helium and held down by string attached to weights, allowing them to float on display. However, you can also opt fill them with air, and then use accessories such as balloon sticks and tape.


Our foils give an excellent print quality and are available in a huge variety of colours. Metallic foil balloons, made from high quality metallised polymer film, have an integral self-sealing valve for helium filling and can last up to two weeks, far surpassing the float time of a traditional latex balloon.


Full-colour print designs and bespoke balloon shapes can be supplied on larger order quantities although longer lead times will be required for the bespoke shapes.


It is usually necessary to anchor helium inflated balloons with balloon weights or other accessories, and you can find these in our balloon accessories section. Additionally, foil balloons can easily be arranged as part of a balloon cluster, arch or other attractive balloon structure - as explained in our balloon decorations section.

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