Sales of Bunting fly for Bucks based B-Loony

Bunting sales are on the rise.  Last year, Bucks based firm B-Loony made and sold over 2000km of bunting. This would stretch the equivalent of all the way from Marble Arch to the Acropolis in Athens - that’s a lot of bunting!

Sales of printed bunting have continued even during lockdown for balloon printers, bunting and flag makers, B-Loony.  The firm, which has been trading for over 40 years has been seeing a steady demand for bunting throughout lockdown with people celebrating VE day and from retail outlets and pubs planning for their businesses to reopen.

Andy MacInnes, Commercial Director said:

“Bunting is such a great and low cost way to deck out in-store and outdoor retail space and we have been seeing sales of our sustainable bunting  really picking up over the past month with brands beginning to plan promotions in supermarkets and shopping centres. We were not as busy as we would normally be in the run up to a national celebration like VE Day, but we have had orders from shops using bunting as signage for social distancing and other Coronavirus related messages. We have invested in automation over the last couple of years and this has enabled us to continue in production without any risk to our employees and also to react quickly to large orders.

“With pub gardens and shops due to open again in the next couple months, we expect more large orders to come in as the spirit of celebration begins to build up.”