• Bouncing Back Sustainably with Balloons & BalloonGrip® Balloon Holders

    As the UK begins to emerge from the pandemic and businesses in the hospitality, events and leisure industries fight to recover, one encouraging observation that has emerged from B-Loony Ltd’s recent sales is that the pre-pandemic appetite for sustainable promotional products has not deteriorated.

    The majority of enquiries B-Loony Ltd receive are now for sustainable or eco-friendly options, with both end users and trade customers acknowledging their requirement to reduce plastic consumption and work together lessen their impact on the environment.

    B-Loony Ltd have invested heavily in the development of environmentally friendly alternatives for their core promotional product range in recent years and have been rather successful to date. Notable innovations include their sustainable bunting, made from cotton and paper, they have ditched plastic sticks in favour of paper for their hand waving flags, and totally re-invented the balloon stick into a stylish cardboard balloon holder which can also be printed for promotional use with a brand logo, message, or interactive barcode or QR code, a win-win!

    With July 2021 seeing the EU’s ban on an array of single use plastics coming into effect, which notably included plastic balloon sticks, the demand for natural rubber balloons with BalloonGrip® balloon holders have also soared.

    As the world’s first 100% plastic free balloon stick, the BalloonGrip® balloon holder contains no PLA, bio plastic or any other form of plastic derivative, it is simply made from engineered cardboard which is fully recyclable with domestic paper and carboard waste.

    Balloons have been used to celebrate events and occasions for decades, so it is no surprise that demand for balloons has increased in recent months - there is plenty to celebrate as covid restrictions are lifted, but what is exciting is the widespread adoption of sustainable promotional products such as BalloonGrip® balloon holders, and the recognition that balloons are made from natural rubber, and not plastic, which has been a common misconception in recent years.

    For more information about B-Loony Ltd’s environmentally friendly products, head over to their website or give their friendly sales team a call on 01494 774 376 to discuss your next opportunity.

  • BalloonGrip® Balloon Holder Triumphs Ahead of EU SUP Directive

    BalloonGrip Balloon Holders

    With the EU Ban on Single Use Plastics due to come into effect in the EU in July, the promotional products industry has already seen a vast shift in demand from plastic products to those made from natural materials, but one product in-particular has been completely reinvented to become a standout success. B-Loony’s BalloonGrip® Balloon Holder ( has achieved worldwide acclaim as a sustainable alternative to its plastic predecessors, having sold over 30 million units in its first year since launch and winning multiple awards, including ‘Promotional Gift Award 2019’, EMCA’s ‘Save the Planet Award 2019’, SME Business Awards MK & Bucks ‘Gold Winner’, and ‘Finalist’ in SME National Business Awards for ‘The Green Award’.

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  • Sustainable Balloon Holder BalloonGrip™ Reaches Kangaroo Island, Australia

    With plastic balloon sticks included in the EU Single Use Derivative, coming into force from 2021, Chesham based balloon printer, B-Loony had already been working with global clients to develop a sustainable alternative, the cardboard balloon holder, BalloonGrip™

    BalloonGrip Reaches Kangaroo Island

    Launched to the promotional industry in January 2019, at the European Trade show, PSI in Dusseldorf, and created from sustainable raw materials which are fully recyclable, this clever cardboard invention could help save thousands of tons of plastic from land fill.

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