Balloon Clusters for Liberty

Balloon Clusters

B-Loony has put together a vast number of Balloon Clusters over the last thirty-plus years or so and our team cna use that experience to put together a sculpture that is specifically suited to your display.

For Latex Balloon Clusters we can use any colours from our choice of balloons in over 100 different shades, although Foil Balloon Clusters can be equally as stunning as their latex counterparts, if not more so.

Combinations of two or more foil balloon colours, a range of shape choices from round, to heart-shaped and stars, and the use of tasteful floor and table balloon weights all provide plenty of scope for us to be able to put together a balloon display that will suit your design and promotion preferences.

Multiple sites nationwide? Not a problem! We have often organised balloon decorations, for example clusters of helium filled foil balloons tied to tills, in literally hundreds of sites. Our record is about 460 for one promotion. This means that our staff will be working through the night so that these were on show when stores open.

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  • Balloon Clusters

    We have created a vast number of balloon clusters over the years, our decorating team use that experience to put together a balloon decoration that is specifically suited to your promotion or event.

    A balloon cluster contains a number of balloons (latex or helium foil), pre-inflated and attached with ribbon to a decorative balloon weight.

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