Balloon Accessories

Balloon Accessories are an integral element of most balloon events and displays. We can help you decide whether to have helium gas or air filled balloons, ribbons, weights or accessories - our experienced team will make sure you get the right choice.

The first decision to make is whether the balloons are to be filled with air or with helium gas (so the balloons float). For air inflation B-Loony supply hand pumps and electric pumps to inflate the balloons, and one-piece B-Loonstix® for the balloons to be handed out. These can be kept or displayed in the specially designed B-Loontree® which come flat-packed with easy assembly instructions.

For floating balloons, B-Loony has a helium gas delivery and collection service. These balloons will require valves which come  with pre-attached ribbon in a choice of colours.

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  • Mini Balloon Display Stand (Mini B‑Loontree)

    We've developed our own balloon accessory with the specific purpose of creating an impressive and eye-catching display.

    • Countertop balloon display
    • Material: Cardboard
    • Displays 10-20 balloons
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  • BalloonGrip® Balloon Holders | Sustainable Balloon Stick

    The Perfect Accessory for Biodegradable Rubber Balloons

    BalloonGrip® balloon holders are the world’s first cardboard engineered eco balloon sticks, designed to secure and distribute air inflated natural rubber latex balloons for giveaways and promotions.

    Answering the urgent need for an alternative to plastic balloon sticks, the fully patented* BalloonGrip® balloon holders are made from sustainable raw materials which can be fully recycled.

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    Easily assembled for high volume balloon giveaways and suitable for both children and adults, the BalloonGrip® balloon holders are available in plain white, colourful party colours, or a natural wood effect, with custom printing also available on both small and large volumes!

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