Balloon Accessories

Balloon Accessories are an integral element of most balloon events and displays. We can help you decide whether to have helium gas or air filled balloons, ribbons, weights or accessories - our experienced team will make sure you get the right choice.

The first decision to make is whether the balloons are to be filled with air or with helium gas (so the balloons float). For air inflation B-Loony supply hand pumps and electric pumps to inflate the balloons, and one-piece B-Loonstix® for the balloons to be handed out. These can be kept or displayed in the specially designed B-Loontree® which come flat-packed with easy assembly instructions.

For floating balloons, B-Loony has a helium gas delivery and collection service. These balloons will require valves which come  with pre-attached ribbon in a choice of colours.

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  • Helium Saving Balloon Valves for Latex Balloons (HSV™)

    Save up to 30% on helium gas with the helium saving balloon valve (HSV™) from B-Loony Ltd.

    When used with latex balloons and a high-pressure helium gas cylinder, air is drawn into the balloon at the same time as helium gas, thus reducing helium usage.

    Balloons inflated using the HSV™ still float for at least 6 hours which is typical of most other balloon valves.

    The valve also features one metre of balloon ribbon pre-fitted, eliminating the need to tie manually tie ribbon to the balloon, making the valves ideal for rapid distribution at balloon handouts.


    • Inflate 30% more balloons
    • Includes 1 metre of fitted ribbon
    • Can be used without helium saving
    • Maintains +6 hours float time
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  • Handheld Balloon Shaped Weights (8g)

    Keep your promotional helium balloons held in a fixed levitated position with these star balloon weights.

    • Weight: 7-8g
    • EN71 toy safety qualified
    • Weighs down 11-14 latex balloons
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  • Balloon Valves with Ribbons

    Organising an event can be very hectic, so why not save yourself the valuable time and hassle of inflating latex balloons for handouts with our easy-to-use balloon valves.

    • Fast and Easy Inflation
    • Saves Time - No Tying Knots
    • Pre-Fitted with 1m Ribbon
    • 5-6 Hour Floatation Time (10” Balloons)
    • Lightweight
    • Child-Safe, EN-71 certified
    • 11 Ribbon Colour Options
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