Balloon Valves

Self-sealing valves are available with assorted coloured ribbons and can be fitted to balloons when gas filling is required. The valve seals the balloon and has a 1m length of ribbon attached. This eliminates the time consuming task of tying knots and attaching ribbon to promotional balloons.

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  • Balloon Valves with Ribbons

    Organising an event can be very hectic, so why not save yourself the valuable time and hassle of inflating latex balloons for handouts with our easy-to-use balloon valves.

    • Fast and Easy Inflation
    • Saves Time - No Tying Knots
    • Pre-Fitted with 1m Ribbon
    • 5-6 Hour Floatation Time (10” Balloons)
    • Lightweight
    • Child-Safe, EN-71 certified
    • 11 Ribbon Colour Options
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  • Compostable Balloon Valves for Latex Balloons

    • Eco Friendly
    • Certified Compostable Material
    • Child-Safe, EN-71 Toy Safety Tested
    • Includes 1m FSC® Raffia Ribbon
    • EN13432 Compostable
    • Fast and Easy Inflation
    • Equivalent Float Time
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  • Helium Saving Balloon Valves for Latex Balloons (HSV™)

    Save up to 30% on helium gas with the helium saving balloon valve (HSV™) from B-Loony Ltd.

    When used with latex balloons and a high-pressure helium gas cylinder, air is drawn into the balloon at the same time as helium gas, thus reducing helium usage.

    Balloons inflated using the HSV™ still float for at least 6 hours which is typical of most other balloon valves.

    The valve also features one metre of balloon ribbon pre-fitted, eliminating the need to tie manually tie ribbon to the balloon, making the valves ideal for rapid distribution at balloon handouts.


    • Inflate 30% more balloons
    • Includes 1 metre of fitted ribbon
    • Can be used without helium saving
    • Maintains +6 hours float time
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