Balloon Sticks

Balloon Sticks

Available in a wide array of colours our balloon sticks allow air filled balloons to be attached to hand waving sticks for use at a promotional give-away or handout.

Quick and easy to use they are a perfect alternative to helium filled balloons since the balloon is fixed to the stick without tying a knot in the balloon neck, which also allows it to be re-filled or topped up at a later time.

Balloon sticks are a fond favourite of our printed balloon customers, particularly for promotional events, since the balloon remains upright at eye-level for maximum visibility and brand exposure.

B-Loonstix® are exclusive to B-Loony, each stick is moulded from one piece of plastic, ensuring the balloon cannot separate from the stick and bounce into the path of traffic or other dangers. Importantly, they are also child-safe and EN71 Toy Safety tested.

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  • BalloonGrip® Balloon Holders | Sustainable Balloon Stick

    The Perfect Accessory for Biodegradable Rubber Balloons

    BalloonGrip® balloon holders are the world’s first cardboard engineered eco balloon sticks, designed to secure and distribute air inflated natural rubber latex balloons for giveaways and promotions.

    Answering the urgent need for an alternative to plastic balloon sticks, the fully patented* BalloonGrip® balloon holders are made from sustainable raw materials which can be fully recycled.

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    Easily assembled for high volume balloon giveaways and suitable for both children and adults, the BalloonGrip® balloon holders are available in plain white, colourful party colours, or a natural wood effect, with custom printing also available on both small and large volumes!

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  • The Original Child Safe One Piece Balloon Sticks

    The ORIGINAL one piece, child-safe balloon stick, designed and developed by our research and development team.

    This B-Loonstix® or balloon stick as it is more commonly known removes the safety concern of balloons cups detaching from their sticks, which could cause a child to frantically and unwittingly chase after it into the path of a car or other serious danger.

    The stick is designed so that balloons do not have to be tied and knotted, they are wound around the stick to fasten - no more tying knots in a balloon, as we know that can be awkward! It's also moulded from one piece of flexible recyclable polypropylene, which does not snap or shatter, you can literally twist and bend it and it won't break, so there are no unsafe sharp points.

    If the balloon stick is dropped, it's weighty enough to stay in place and withstand a breeze, which would normally blow a balloon on a cup along the ground.

    Conforms and surpasses EU & UK toy safety standards. 

    • Easy to Secure to Latex Balloons
    • No Tying Balloon Knots
    • One Piece - No Separate Cup
    • Made from Recyclable Polypropylene
    • No Sharp Edges, Will Not Snap
    • EN-71 Toy Safety Tested
    • Available in 11 Colours
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  • White Cup and Stick Balloon Stick (Two Piece)

    White two-piece balloon stick

    • Attachable balloon cup

    • Polypropylene stick 

    • Easy to secure

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