Top 5 PRIDE Promotional Products

PRIDE week is fast approaching, and we know that means campaigners and supporters will all be looking to make a splash and paint the town with rainbows.

Pride Handwaving Flags at a Parade

For businesses and brands, Pride has become one of the most important social events in the marketing calendar, but more importantly, an opportunity to show their support to the LGBT community and to their employees.

What's the best way for a company to show support for PRIDE?

Here's our run down of the top 5 pride promotional products, selected based on visual impact, cost and engagement and branding opportunities.

5. Sashes

Pride Sashes

Pride sashes are a great option for those who want to wear their normal clothes, but still show their support. Sashes printed for pride can also be passed around for different wearer's as one size usually fits all. Branding opportunities are available on the front and the reverse.

4. Clothing

Pride Printed Promotional T-Shirts

Printed t-shirts and other garments are an obvious choice for companies wishing to distinguish their employees en masse. Print options are vast, and the large print area offers exceptional brand visibility.

3. Banners

Pride Banner KPMG

Custom printed banners are one of the most recognisable promotional tools for pride parades and campaigns. The large format of a printed pride banner makes it easily visible among crowds and from great distances. We recommend banners such as ours, printed on lightweight polyester material as opposed to heavy plastic / PVC options, since they are much more easily carried, and can fold down very small to fit in a rucksack when transporting.

2. Hand Waving Flags

Pride hand waving flags hit the number 2 spot. They are incredibly versatile, easily distributed, available in a range of sizes, offer full colour digital printing, highly engaging, and an excellent branding opportunity. Children and adults alike love flags to wave, creating a spectacle and uniform impact of colour.

1. Balloons

Giant Printed Balloons for Pride

You've guessed it, we've put balloons at the top of the list! We're biased, but we think printed balloons are the most effective and engaging form of promotional product money can buy. The excitement a balloon creates is magical, even the big kids love them. More importantly, whether helium inflated or waved high on balloon holders, balloons rise above the crowds, taking their corporate branding with them. The exceptional visibility of a branded pride balloon is unmatched.

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