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Helium Gas Rental

Helium Gas Rental

Choose from our carefully selected range of helium cylinders, we tailor advice on the most appropriate cylinder based on the number of balloons you need to inflate, and the size and capacity of the balloons. If are intending to use helium gas regularly, then a helium gas rental plan will normally be the most economical option.

Annual rental contracts are very cost effective and allow you to store helium gas cylinders on-site, so that they can be replaced on demand when they've run out. Our dedicated customer service team will arrange with you an appropriate time to deliver and exchange or collect your helium cylinders.

We have a choice between 2 different types of cylinders available for rental; BOC Cylinders and Air Product Lightweight Cylinders. The BOC cylinders are more cost-effective and will inflate more balloons, although the Air Product Lightweight Cylinders are lightereasier to transport, and include a built-in gauge, quick-fit connectors and laminated instructions.


Also available is the newly developed Genie BOC Cylinder which contains 30% more gas than a standard steel cylinder, has a digital display showing how much gas it contains and attachable wheels to increase portability.